Fertilizers and Materials

Low-cost and high efficiency



D-polysaccharide  25%, Calcium chelate 17%, Boron 2%

Characteristics and Effects


1. It is a d-polysaccharide, a plant energy source, which quickly regenerates the plant's vitality and quickly relieves physiological disorders with high concentrations of calcium chelate and boron. 


2. It prevents the decay of the fruit and tip-burn of the leaf such as the end of the red pepper, the growth point disorder of the cucumber, the deformed fruits, the softness of the navel of the tomato, the inner cabbage softness, the browning of the radish, and the softness of strawberry.


3. The role of calcium and boron in flowering, fruiting, hypertrophy, and maturing is very important. The Poly Cab can supply calcium and boron to the desired part of the plant to activate flowers and growth points, prevent the loss of sugar in fruits, so that it can help tasty and firm fruits harvest.

How to use