Fertilizers and Materials

Low-cost and high efficiency

Characteristics and Effects



1. It is 100% water-soluble particle type, and it is a product that combines soil basal application and drenching application.


2. It is made of 100% nitrate nitrogen and is absorbed quickly regardless of environment and time. 


3. No matter how dry or cold the weather is, it will be effective and the nutrition supply of the crops will appear immediately.


4. High-quality calcium and magnesium can be supplied stably through the roots.


5. It is effective in crop growth and fruit hypertrophy.


6. It improves disease resistance, storage and climate adaptability, so that it can make crops healthy. 


7. it is a preventive fertilizer for physiological disorders which are easy to occur after the middle of growing period such as roots aging, foliage rash, fruit tip rot, tissue softening, and hollow phenomenon.


8. It increases the chlorophyll content of crops to prevent sulfidation and to make the leaves become green and fresh.


9. It helps the tissues to be compact and fruits and bulbs to be firm to create the best marketability. 





How to use





1. Increase or decrease the dosage depending on the growth of crops.


2. Afteruse,keeptheremainingproductcompletelysealedawayfromdirectsunlightand moisture. 


3. As a granular fertilizer, it requires some stirring for dissolution.

4. In case of crops are exposed to a large amount of the fertilizer, please shake it out to avoid any 
damage on leaves.