Fertilizers and Materials

Low-cost and high efficiency

The first fertilizer containing 9 elements including 6 micronutrients in Korea


1. DOF NUTRI POWER is designed to fertilize all micronutrients needed for soil and plants at once.

2. It is a neutral fertilizer that is made safe and perfect for any type of soil and plant. It is oil-coated, 
slow-releasing fertilizer whose effect will last more than 90 days.


3. It can be mixed with compost, chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer and other pesticide. 




1. It induces healthy growth through comprehensive basal application of nutrients and improves nutrient supply efficiency by fertilizer synergism.


2. It prevents the various physiological disorders that occur in crop cultivation in a repeated cultivation land and improves the resistance.


3. Balanced nutrients management makes the crop healthy and resistant to environmental stress and disease. 


4. It promotes the absorption and movement of nutrients and strengthens Vigority.

5. It improves the fruit quality and quantity


How to use